The second, focusing on the existence of social relations dominance and the inequities of the social realm, sees popular culture as a result of its subordination and the shortcomings in relation to the dominant culture.

When you work in the law field, there’s plenty of information you have to absorb and comprehend so that you can give assistance or fulfill your job in an transaction. A third issue, common, concerns the connections between the two cultures. The information may be in the form of legislation new regulations as a trial bundle, the accumulation of documents to be reviewed in due diligence. The way we perceive them can be resolved by using two broad theories of description and interpretation. In whatever department you choose to be in you’ll always have many books to learn. The first, aiming to eradicate any form of cultural ethnocentrism, views pop culture in terms of a distinct and autonomous system of symbolic representation, that is organized according to an unreducible logic of a culture that is well-read.

University studies in history give you lots of practice in this. The second, focusing on the existence of social relations dominance and the inequities of the social realm, sees popular culture as a result of its subordination and the shortcomings in relation cheap to the dominant culture. Ability to read quickly while taking in the facts is an essential talent for an corporate lawyer.

Thus, on the one other hand, popular culture can be thought of as a symbolically independent structure, encased in its own but on the other it is defined by its aversion to legitimacy in culture. 8. For a long time historians have swung between these two viewpoints. And also, reading smart ….. In the past, they that was done on literature or religion was treated as specifically popular, and the construction of an opposing view which was repeatedly repeated between the golden age of a liberated and active popular culture and the time of censorship, and the constraints that are a threat to it and its destruction. As a historian, you don’t go through books in entirety.

These distinctions cannot be considered to be a matter of debate nowadays, which prompts us to think about all the mechanisms that lead to the internalization of the dominant to think that they are of their own inequity and ways through which a dominant culture is able to keep a bit of its symbolism and coherence. You don’t even go through the whole reading list. This lesson is important to understand the conflict among the elites and the common people in the former Europe ( Ginzburg, 1966, 1976 ) as well as for the relationship between the oppressed and dominant throughout the colonial realm ( Gruzinski, 1988 ). Perhaps, at the very least, you aren’t.

A final test for the field of cultural history, irrespective of the objects or approaches that are used, is the interaction between the discourse of practices. If you do: immediately stop! The questioning of the old beliefs resulted in"linguistic turn" which focused on two key notions: (1) the language is a sign system that, through their relationships, create diverse and unstable meanings that are beyond any intention or individual control; (2) "reality" cannot be separated from discourse, and is always shaped by the discursive processes ( Baker, 1990 ). It is important to be selective when reading in order to discover the most beneficial arguments and evidence for the essay you are writing about. Contrary to this view there are historians who follow the distinctions made by Foucault between ‘discursive structures and nondiscursive structures’ (see Foucalt, 1969 ) or by Bourdieu between practical sense and’scholastic logic’ (see Bourdieu, 1997 ) and emphasized the differences between the logic that underlies the practices and that that regulates discursive production , and emphasized the irreducibility of the reality that existed (or was or) and the discourses that will arrange it, denounce it or portray it.

This helps speed up the writing process and allows you to think about the significance of each source in the final piece. The main purpose of a historical study is to comprehend the manner that social actors impart the meaning of their practices and the discourse that they engage in is situated in the tension between creativity of communities or individuals, and in contrast the limitations and conventions that restrict in a more or less strict manner in accordance with the position they hold in their dominant relationships – what is feasible for them to think, speak and act. This is a crucial quality to have as corporate lawyers.

The recognition is valid for the most well-read and artistic works as well as everyday practices , which is yet another way to express the double notion of the things that constitute culture history. Lawyers charge per hour and clients would like to know value for their money (hence value for money!). Western European Studies: Gender and History.

Being cautious in your research to maximize your time in reputable sources and getting right to the heart of an argument swiftly are abilities that will be important throughout your time as corporate lawyers. 1.1 Take the ‘Cultural Tour’ If you’re required to discover the details of the three fifty-page rulings on the notion of "reasonableness" within an hour you’re not able to read each word of them.