DeFi Deep Dive What is Exeedme and the XED Token?

Is a blockchain-powered tournament platform for gamers of different skill levels. Is XED, which grants players access to tournaments, leagues, stakes, and DeFi opportunities. Participants are able to vote on features, games, and reward distribution when they stake the XED tokens. After gamers stake the amount, the collected fund goes to the winner. Players earn via their bets and receive NFT prizes when they win tournaments or league events. Gamers get access to a player-centric interface, automatic results verification with no need to report results.

The all-time high price of Exeedme is $1.99 on Mar 17, 2021 . It has a circulating supply of 90 Million XED coins and a total supply of 100 Million. If you are looking to buy or sell Exeedme, LATOKEN is currently the most active exchange. An opportunity to build bridges and reach out for whoever wants to go further in their connection to web3 games.


But even if you don’t “get” the analogy, know that XED tokens are better than participation trophies because you can spend them. Even if you get a shellacking in your Esports match, you can still earn XED tokens. This offer is based on information provided solely by the offeror and other publicly available information.

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That makes for a vast marketplace, but the creators of believe many things are still lacking in the space. They want to give gamers a place to exercise a real sense of ownership and earn money when they play. The team has laid out a list of inadequacies with outdated game monetization models. Let’s take a look at some of the problems and how Exeedme hopes to overcome them.


Exeedme’s technology will enable the majority of earnings in its economy to go directly to gamers of all skill levels. Gamers no longer have to be professionals to earn money playing video games. Earnings are distributed fairly and the platform provides gamers honest rewards and control over their earnings. You may have heard of the “Exeedme” blockchain-powered gaming tournament platform and the XED token. In short, Exeedme is a blockchain gaming platform that seeks to revolutionize the industry by giving gamers, developers, and organizers a place to monetize their skills. They plan to do this through the power of decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens .

About Exeedme

Companies and startups in this collection leverage blockchain technology for crypto trading, decentralized finance , NFTs, and more. However, the user will have to stake a specific amount of XED to do so. The cool thing about becoming an organizer is the opportunity to build communities by setting up tournaments and introducing things like new games and chat features.

  • Another problem with today’s gaming environment is that players can purchase and earn virtual assets or in-game currency, but they can’t monetize them or transfer them outside the native ecosystem.
  • Exeedme wants to encourage usage by rewarding gamers for participating in their platform.
  • Exeedme’s technology will enable the majority of earnings in its economy to go directly to gamers of all skill levels.

Becoming a professional gamer requires a significant amount of skill and time investment. Fierce competition and high barriers to entry keep the average player separated from gaming income. We can build a decentralized ecosystem that supports a new gamer economy where DeFi and NFTs enable players from all skill levels to earn money while playing games. Exeedme is a fair and trusted Play2Earn gaming platform, built on top of the blockchain. We enable all gamers to monetize their skills and earn money while playing their favorite games.

Exeedme’s Solution

Staking gives players the right to vote on which new games the platform will deploy, new features, and reward distribution. Gamers can also earn XED and newly crafted NFTs by progressing through their matches. That means you can earn NFT collectibles and in-game assets by winning tournaments and league events or completing missions, milestones and achieving higher ranking levels.

Regarding its financial situation, XEDs’ Return On Investment has been -6.668% over the last month. You can buy XED on centralized exchanges include Binance,, and KuCoin. Z League builds a custom ranking algorithm for Call of Duty players that uses all historical stats to pair the user against players that are evenly matched. Ensure that your company and products are accurately represented on our platform.

Certainly, gamer rewards will depend on how much XED they stake. By staking, gamers get access to these prizes that will grow in exclusivity and rarity through active participation and ranking growth. And the more XED you earn, the more doors will open up for you to the higher leagues with higher stakes. To check things like ranking levels, gaming stats, how much XED you’ve generated, or just overall player performance, you can visit Exeedme’s dashboard. Another problem with today’s gaming environment is that players can purchase and earn virtual assets or in-game currency, but they can’t monetize them or transfer them outside the native ecosystem. In this ecosystem, crypto assets and open market dynamics will help ensure that the big winners will be the gamers and developers—in short, those who create and engage.

What is Exeedme is a blockchain-powered tournament platform supporting gamers at all talent levels to monetize their experiences and skills. Is a Web3 online tournament platform creating an economy driven by gamers who are are able to compete in different games, develop their skills, and invest in the Web3 gaming digital ecosystem. The platform’s goal is to enable the transfer of in-game items between game universes in different blockchains.

Exeedme will assist these fledgling communities in bootstrapping their ecosystem with the necessary NFTs and fungible token assets. They will also provide the blockchain logic that can include many use cases such as achievement rewards, collectibles, tournament access, and gaming items. Exeedme designed its governance system to be led by gamers since it wants them to be a part of the creative journey. Consequently, staking XED is the best way for players to help drive the platform’s future. Furthermore, to prevent cheating, Exeedme will use Video Referee, and game state data to ensure gameplay is kept fair at all times.

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XED Price Statistics

Exeedme wants to change all that by using their native XED token along with NFTs. On their platform, players can transfer game items between the different game universes on different blockchains resulting in an interoperable digital multiverse. If you’ve read our other articles on DeFi development, then you know that interoperability is key to any DeFi system.